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In a world full of doubt, we provide great science programming to build your faith in the Biblical record of Creation and earth history.

Our Series/Programs


Are you a homeschool mom?


Emmy nominated TV producer,

Kyle Justice founded Awesome Science Media

in 2010 to meet an untapped market

for high quality media focusing on a

Biblical worldview to science

Our Weekly Broadcast/Podcast with RSS

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We broadcast episodes of our programming

throughout the world.


Our programming can be found on most

Christian Video on Demand sites!


Our DVD Series

Find out about all the series we have out plus those in production and development

Awesome Science

Creeping Things

The Creation Guys

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Awesome Science

Flood Geology

The Heavens Declare

Debunking Evolution

Dino Hunter

The Top Ten

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Created Planet

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Scienc Foundations

New Subscriber Channel

Watch ALL of our programming for a low monthly subscription!
  First seven days are FREE!
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Buy All 3 DVDs for

DVDs & SAVE 20%

Own  over 140 min.

of great content

presenting a biblical

worldview to astronomy

hosted by the top experts

in the world with

incredible graphics and

stunning photography.

Each DVD comes with

an online Digital HD copy.


Public Speaking

If you have a public event and would like to

invite Kyle and/or Noah Justice, or any of our

experts, please visit our Speaker Page.

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