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The Creation Guys Series

The Creation Guys is an entertaining and informative series hosted by Kyle Justice (founder of Awesome Science Media) and Pat Roy (creator of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures) and founder of
Creation Quest.  Along with their families, they visit with the experts and adventure across globe to showcase God’s Creation.

Episode List:

  1. The Great Eclipse    Buy DVD           Rent/Buy Instant Video

  2. Faith on the Edge - Biblical & Scientific Evidence Debunking the Flat Earth    Buy DVD    Rent/Buy Instant Video

  3. The Ark Encounter Tour - Buy DVD    Rent/Buy Instant Video

  4. Geologic Formations of the Mid-West - in post-production

  5. Torrey Pines Geology - in post-production

  6. Sea Life at Dana Point - in post-production

3 Episodes Released

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