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Science Foundations is a weekly video series for kids to teach them basic science concepts from a Biblical worldview through host, Joel Thomas.  Joel teaches at his Glen’s Gizmos lab where he performs cool science experiments to demonstrate science concepts.  Each weekly segment is between 10-20 minutes in length and total content is on a three-year rotation following the memory work in the Classical Conversations "Foundations" set. 

A short introduction video is available for free, but the full Science Foundations videos are exclusively available on AwesomeSciTV, a video subscription service provided by Awesome Science Media.

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Below is a full list of completed Science Foundations episodes.  Each episode has a review and a full lab.  We have given you links for both.  The reviews are free and the full labs can be accessed through our VOD platform at  You can get the full labs by subscribing to AwesomeSciTV or renting or purchasing them.

We started shooting our episodes into the middle of Season 2.  We will be shooting the first set of episodes for Season 2, then Season 3, and finally Season 1.  We apologize for the confusion this may cause, but we are following the content schedule provided by Classical Conversations.  Once we finish a season of episodes, we will make them available on DVD with study guides.  Currently they are only available on VOD.

Season 2

Ep14 "Four States of Matter"   Review     Lab

Ep15 "Two Forms of Energy"  Review     Lab

Ep16 "Newton's First Law of Motion"  Review     Lab

Ep17 "Newton's Second Law of Motion"  Review     Lab

Ep18 "Newton's Third Law of Motion"  Review     Lab

Ep19 "The First Law of Thermodynamics"  Review     Lab

Ep20 "The Second Law of Thermodynamics"  Review     Lab

Ep21 "The Third Law of Thermodynamics"  Review     Lab

Ep22 "Ways Light is Observed"  Review     Lab

Ep23 "The Ways Heat Flows"  Review     Lab

Ep24 "The Ways Electricity is Measured"  Review     Lab

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