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Broadcast Distribution

Over the years we have worked with various networks and stations to air our programming.


All of our HD content is available for broadcast distribution in the following options:

  1. Purchase full licensing for 2-3 years of our 28:30 edited versions (all content/no promos)

  2. Purchase full licensing for 2-3 years and edit your own versions (26 total)

  3. Take the full 28:30 version with our promos included

To obtain our episodes, please call our office at (503) 210-5530 or email us

Below are the series we offer for broadcast with trailers.

This series takes leading scientists in the field of geology, chemistry, and meteorology and explores evidence for the global Flood around the world.  Instead of speaking in a lecture hall or church, these scientists venture out to the geological locations to show the viewer first hand the evidence for how the Flood impacted the earth in a catastrophic manner. 



Mount St. Helens                                    The Great Ice Age                                

The Missoula Flood                                  The Receding Floodwaters

In this DVD series, leading creation science astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists are interviewed to share evidence for a young universe as described in the bible.  They will address many of the supposed “evidences” for a universe that is billions of years old and why this theory is simply not valid.  Experts include Dr. Danny Faulkner,

Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Don DeYoung, Dr. Russ Humphreys, and Spike Psarris.


Origin of the Universe                            Challenges to the Big Bang                     The Starlight Travel Dilemma

Join study partners, John & Jane as they explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory and why the Bible makes the most sense of the scientific evidence.

Most public schools teach evolution theory as fact, taking a serious toll on the faith of many unprepared Christians.  Yet the straight-forward account in Genesis provides the true history of Creation, often making more sense of the evidence.  The six-lesson program helps students understand the weak foundations of evolution, teaching them a strong case for the truth of Biblical Creation.


Awesome Science Series - 15 Episodes

The Awesome Science series takes teens and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports the Biblical record.  The series is hosted by teenager, Noah Justice.

             DVD Trailers

Dino Hunter - 3 Episodes

Dino Hunter is hosted by Emmy award wining host, Jeremy McLaughlin.  This new series explores the mysteries of dinosaurs, how they fit into the Biblical record, how the Flood greatly impacted their future, evidence of dinosaurs after the Flood, as well as presenting evidence to confront claims by secular paleontologists that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.  Jeremy will travel the world to explore dinosaur sites and interview the experts in paleontology who hold to a biblical worldview.

The Creation Guys - 5 Episodes

The Creation Guys is an entertaining and informative series hosted by Kyle Justice and Pat Roy.  Along with their families, they visit with the experts and adventure across globe to showcase God’s Creation.  Titles include "The Great Eclipse", "Faith on the Edge", "Encountering the Ark".

If you are a cable network, television station, Roku network, web television network, or any other platform that runs 28:30 programs, please contact us for distribution details.  We can deliver our programs via FTP or Smash.

For more information please call us at (503) 210-5530 or email us.

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