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Kyle Justice (and Noah upon request) has spoken on several subjects at various home school conferences, film festivals, churches, virtual conferences, and creation conferences.  They incorporate video clips throughout their presentations.  You can invite Kyle and/or Noah Justice to be a speaker at your next event/conference.  Since Kyle is a video producer, he is very experienced in producing a virtual presentation for your next conference/event.  For more detailed information on Kyle, view his bio.

Here are some events and conferences we have spoken at:

Christian Worldview Film Festival (Keynote and Workshops)

National Homeschool Day (virtual event)

Christian Heritage Conference - Seattle

Oregon Christian Education Conference (OCEANetwork)

Design Science Association

Museum of Creation & Earth History

Foundations of Life Creation Conference, Longview, WA

Creation Science Fellowship of Costa Mesa

Homeschool Connect Expo (virtual event)

The Apologetics Forum

We have a number of topics for you to select from.  Presentations can also be given virtually on video or delivered live.  Here are a few of these topics with recordings.

Presentation: "Uniquely Designed"

Summary:  Kyle uses Ephesians 2:10 to share how each believer has been given a role by God in the Kingdom with unique works for us He prepared before the creation of the world. He shares about the lives of David, Joseph, and Peter as well as from his own life.  He points out that our path to being used by God isn't always a straight path, but involves challenges which grow our character and faith.

Audience: Homeschool/Family, Film Festival

Presentation: "Fostering your Children's Gifts"

Summary:  Kyle shares how God has designed our children with gifts for the Kingdom and how parents can identify those gifts and help grow them.  He shares from his own life as a teenager getting into video and how his parents fostered his gifts and desire to serve the Lord.  Kyle then encourages the audience about how he's doing the same with his children and gives advice on how parents can do that today.

Audience: Homeschool/Family

Presentation: "Fostering Your Children's Film Career"

Summary:  Kyle shares how parents can help their talented children grow in their film career while also protecting them from the major pitfalls in the entertainment industry.  He encourages parents that a role in media is a great way to impact the culture for the Kingdom of God.

Audience: Homeschool/Family, Film Festival

Presentation: "Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones"

Summary:  Kyle and Noah share about the discovery of soft tissue found in dinosaur bones and how it gives strong evidence for the Biblical timeline. They share segments from the Dino Hunter and Awesome Science documentary series.

Audience: Homeschool/Family, Creation/Worldview Conference

Presentation: "How Our National Parks Show Evidence for the Flood"

Summary: Using beautiful video and photos, Kyle & Noah Justice lead the audience through the national parks from a biblical worldview, showing how the Flood is the key for interpreting many of the geologic the features in these parks.  Parks include Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, and Yellowstone.

Audience: Homeschool/Family, Creation/Worldview Conference

Here are additional presentations/workshops Kyle is able to give for your conference/event:


Homeschool/Family Focused


Empowering Your Family To Change the Culture

Kyle shares about how the Justice family is being strategic in producing creation science media to change the culture and the world.  They will provide the audience with helpful ideas on how each family can impact the culture for Christ.


The Basics of Video Production

​Kyle will walk the audience through the basics of video production, including buying equipment, storyboarding, shooting techniques, lighting, sound design, editing, and distribution.

Producing Documentaries as a Family

Kyle shares how the Justice family has enjoyed time together producing documentaries.  He shares how a family might come together to produce their own documentaries, from the gear to the travel, to post-production and distribution.

Justice on the Road - The RV Family

Kyle shares how his homeschool family of ten began RV travel and use it in their business of producing documentaries.  He shares the ups and downs of travel, the ways to economize, how to turn it into a business and expense the expenses, how to teach along the way, how to save money buying an RV, as well as funny stories and mishaps during their trips. 

Fathering a Homeschool Family

Kyle shares about the ups and downs of being the adventurous father of eight homeschool children.  He'll share why he and his wife Dawn chose to homeschool, what roles the father can take, how to create learning opportunities in every situation, and how to navigate being a leader and entrepreneur while fathering and homeschooling.


Science Focused

The Great Ice Age - How the Global Flood is the Only Viable Mechanism to Cause the Ice Age

Kyle Justice takes the audience on a visual tour of the west, from the Rockies to the Pacific, showing how the Flood provided the right conditions to produce a quick Ice Age after the Flood, and then how the ice melted catastrophically, all within a few hundred years.  He also shows how the rapid Ice Age explains many associated mysteries secular scientists are challenged by because they don’t believe in the global Flood.


The Heavens Declare - Astronomy from a Biblical Worldview

Kyle Justice uses amazing animations and graphics to share about the wonders in the heavens, the evidence for its young age, the truth about alien life forms, and takes on the “evidence” for the belief in our universe being billions of years old.  

Faith on the Edge: Exploring the Biblical & Scientific Case Against the Flat Earth

Kyle shares from his research and interviews with experts from the documentary he and Pat Roy produced on this topic.  Pat Roy is also available to co-present this topic with Kyle.

Film Festival Focused

"Going Rogue" - Producing and Distributing Your Own Video Programs

Kyle will walk the audience through the process of conceptualizing, creating, negotiating contracts, and distributing video products a person or family can produce and see income from them. 

Producing Documentaries as a Family

Kyle shares how the Justice family has enjoyed time together producing documentaries.  He shares how a family might come together to produce their own documentaries, from the gear to the travel, to post-production and distribution.


Below are several recommendations from those I have served for or/and spoken with at events.

Eric Ludy, Ellerslie Leadership Training 

"Kyle Justice is Mr. Inspiration. When I hear him speak it makes my soul smile. He’s a life-giver, a cheerleader of all that is good, pure, and upright. It just makes you feel better about this ever-darkening world when Kyle walks into the room. He is like a ray of sunshine that drives away the nonsense and firmly establishes Truth as the only reasonable foundation."

Pat Roy, Creator of Jonathan Park Audio Adventures
"Kyle Justice speaks with passion and conviction. As a homeschool father of 8, he shares his joy of being a father and husband. He definitely has fresh insights from the Word of God and his own experiences. When he speaks on the topic of creation science, he makes hard concepts clear and exciting to the layperson. His style is engaging and fun!"


To book Kyle and/or Noah:

Call 503-210-5530 or use our Email



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