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Noah Justice uses his research skills to build inventions and experiments which showcase physical laws and properties set up by God from the creation of the world.  Episodes will take place in the “lab” as well as out in nature.  If supplies are needed, he will venture out to find them.  Just as in shows like “Mythbusters”, Noah will lead the viewer along in his study of applying science to real life.


Proposed Episode List:

Episode 1 – Architecture
Episode 2 – Magnetism
Episode 3 – Electromagnetism
Episode 4 – Electricity
Episode 5 – Aerodynamics
Episode 6 – Solar Energy
Episode 7 – Circuits
Episode 8 – Wind Energy
Episode 9 – Gravity
Episode 10 – Thermal Energy
Episode 11 – Optics
Episode 12 – Fluid Mechanics
Episode 13 – Thermodynamics

Currently in Development

Awesome Science Applied

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