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If you are a school or church, we provide you with a few options for your audience.


Public Viewing Licensing

With this option, you will have the license to show any of our videos in a church service, public event, Bible study, school assembly, or classroom.  This provides you with one login to AwesomeSciTV.


Smaller Church/School (50-300 members/students) $300 a year

Large Church/School (300+ members/students) $600 a year

Bulk Subscriptions

We can set up a plan where your church members or students will be able to access all programs on AwesomeSciTV for one year at a big discount.


50% Off Yearly Subscriptions for Up to 100 Users - $3,500

55% Off Yearly Subscriptions for Up to 300 Users - $9,450

60% Off Yearly Subscriptions for Up to 600 Users - $16,799


To purchase one of these options, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up your account. 

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